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Well aren't you just the edgy one come to correct us by crapping on an another nation's cultural output. I could say more but I mean what is there more to say about?

You can also email me to ask questions, friend me on Xbox Live, or just say hi: I agree, you can only see skin in the Nightingale getup. Danielle harris tits. ImpracticalArmour subscribe unsubscribe 4, readers 9 users here now 'Impractical Armour' includes any form of costume which resembles armour but has significant flaws or just looks silly.

Don't have an account? Notice that the only real difference between the armor in the two images is some pauldrons and a loin cloth. Armour was not just utile, asexual and drab, men often had giant crotch horns, snazzy butt plates, yeah you erase the natural figure of the person, but they did often create an exaggerated one on top.

Im sorry for sound so Grade school. Sexy girls in armour. However, if you really want to be a nitpicker most settings have issues with technology and magic. But, where are your armour from? Jun 29, Posts: If the hip armor is large enough it even makes sense as storage space, though more so in fantasy settings with pistols and potions and in scifi with grenades.

Her stance is completly ordinary. When you finish Morrigan's personal mission, you get her some robes that look very similar to her original set but with much better bonuses.

Loonz Loonz 7 years ago 5 if you start as dailish, stay after Duncan, finish off the remainder of bad guys and strip Merril. Plate armor is the way it is largely out of necessity. Milf blowjob threesome. The goal is still to avoid being hit, its not so much about absorbing the blows as it is about directing the force of the blow away from your body. So thank you for your help. But no one ever gripes about when a male wears less armor. Mar 8, Posts: I cant seam to find it for the life of me.

Add Comment Cancel reply. I was really shocked when I booted up a Square Enix game and the first female lead you come across wasn't a crybaby in a tanktop see FFX - Yuna. Moxxi's got a bit of the Bayonetta Syndrome going on: Both of the ladies above are wearing armor, not barbarian-style loin-cloths. My experience has made me more than a little opinionated on the subject of fantasy armor. The same can be said about many fantasy weapons too. Quiet, Metal Gear Solid V:

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She can't talk, so she can't ask for better protection, but she could at least That was exactly what it was.

There is one historical type of male warrior that really did wear apparently unrealistic partial armour — Roman gladiators. Big tits instagram. Here is another post you might like which also shows the physical toll it took to wear full plate: A few septims later she has a great option on rainy days to avoid that awful wet Meeko smell that Forsworn armor brings to the party. What kind of time period are you looking for?

Yes, people argue over the physics of video games. I saw the picture used as an example for an animation mod, but the armor is incredible.

Don't have an account? Originally posted by Zerot: Zachary Layne September 19, DemocracyV2 DemocracyV2 3 months ago 5 Lemonsnatch posted Blood witch is no exception.

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Sun Oct 04, 5: I want my character to wear light clothing and not cover his face all the time! It is, however, on the Steam Workshop. Jul 5, Posts: Tavern Clothes are ok but the chest looks a bit strange in vanilla. Retrieved from " http: Currently, I am using Odogaron armor and it is absolutely sexy. Functional, and good looking too: It should prove helpful.

Kush, I think everyone understands that fantasy worlds are not restricted by the confines of reality. Wait was there a point I was trying to make? Riegger Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered: Also, the reality is that plate armor was worn in combat for a very brief period in history by a very small number of people.

Thank you for this, it came at exactly the right moment.

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Quiet, Metal Gear Solid V: Mika, Street Fighter V. Lesbian doctor free porn. The Same Armour i. Of course bad armor design is not just for the ladies. Big tits bondage tumblr Sexy girls in armour. When you have a dominatrix character who makes Ivy look like an amateur, you know you've gone completely and totally over the top. And this one is worn with only an arming jacket, which at most consists of 4 layers of linnen, with no stuffing.

But I just dont want to stare at my chicks in full plate armor. Sat Oct 03, 7: Leave a Comment Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

Via Mortal Kombat Wiki. They have now been credited to their owners. I see that you mentioned it briefly but a few people seem confused.

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Female escort company Her stance is completly ordinary.
Arab girls nude pic You can also look at Xena screenshots, tons of armor there too. Then there is the one from Soul Calibur: How about having a lingerie shop which can provide stylish lingerie to the female characters?
Lara croft tomb raider naked Ahzidal's Armor has a 70's mini skirt look, but Forsworn still the best imo. We know why these images exist. Then there is the one from Soul Calibur:
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