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As it stands now, the Street Fighter mod community simply serves as a representation of the larger problems in the rest of society, in terms of how the treatment of women differs—and that treatment gets reinforced by the game itself, in terms of the existing costume designs and the lack of body diversity.

Keep me logged in on this device. Wet nude tits. And it's a wild guess? Topic Archived Page 1 of 3 Next Last. July 19, at Notes optional; required for "Other": Poison was always female, and she was when Final Fight debuted in Japan.

This results in some interesting paradigms in the approach to female beauty within the fandom. Bigandtasty Follow Forum Posts: January 13, at Forgot your username or password? And yet the mod community continues to reinforce a preservationist and conservative mindset that fears change.

Kowbrainz Follow Forum Posts: Zangief Nude Mod Please. Street fighter 4 naked. November 16, at Did you know that imageshack ban erotic pictures, also why not to use the attachment system?

Only the women get mods of this kind, with very rare exceptions none of which appear on these reference lists. Let's rock once and for all in MvC3!! You may have to register before you can post: Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. I keep mentioning that the sexualization only happens to female characters.

Originally posted by aji View Post. So quickly and join our friendly community. Allowing all the nude mods on youtube could be bad news. Naked pictures of sarah hyland. Yet I also realize the impossibility of my own request, because of the systemic problems at work. How they can censor the video content for adult content, but the comments are the foulest collection of sentences known to man.

Notes optional; required for "Other": Whenever I complain about these spaces, people just tell me to leave and make my own. Big Apple, 3 AM http: It wasn't until a decade later when they brought Birdo back for a spin-off that Birdo was retconned to being a female.

May 9, at Add in the issue of sexy mods, and it only gets more complicated, because then you have to acknowledge that not everybody has the same outlook on sexiness that you do.

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That, in theory, is why mods exist. July 18, at All of these mods get created within the same space and linked in the same community threads, with no tagging or system of demarcation. Very hairy lesbian porn. I think everyone on this board has seen the uncut shower scene. Street fighter 4 naked. That said, I do think sexiness is something that should be opt-in, not opt-out.

Everyone knows the story; Poison is a woman and she's just called a "man" because Capcom didn't want anyone to think they were promoting violence against women. Bring back the main forum list. More topics from this board And yet the mod community continues to reinforce a preservationist and conservative mindset that fears change.

Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Far Cry 5's story is a real let-down, but the action still makes for a solid co-op experience. More topics from this board With the release of Street Fighter 4 for the PC a variety of mods have begun to appear, and naturally one of the first on offer is a nude filter version which strips the comely female characters of clothes, in this case Cammy … You can see the resultant battle below: Terms of Use Violations: Although the full scope of the mod community does include a lot of different types of desires, you have to really go digging for them.

Darn video has been removed, I would have liked to have at least seen it. Please Log In to post. Titanic tits pics. You seem to be overestimating yourself, I'm not hear to prove anything to you nor do I have to, I'm hear to state the truth. Not everybody wants the same type of game or type of character. Consecutive postings, posts merged. The fact is, console gaming is better I would much rather be playing on my console that has better games while IMing my friends on my computer than just playing a game on my computer.

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Wow, I've been pulling my hair out trying to find out the keyword and it turns out to be just sf4? She's a female, not a post-op sex-change recipient. Pretty much everyone here has seen the unedited shower scene. Last edited by BOiNG! Karmum Follow Forum Posts: Membership is free and once you logged in as member you can remove advertisements.

I personally don't mind but I think it may be against GB rules. Cammy isn't very interesting to see naked. Aww mommy bought a DeLL with intergrated graphics instead a decent rig and now you are angry that you cant play games on it?

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