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She needs to smarten up. I can tell you working in the music industry that most of the shit she writes, performs, and acts she has little to do with. Lesbian porn aloha tube. Lady Amalthea says — reply to this. Plus, BlacChyna at war with her mother! And Bangerz Tour will be like this current madiocre way, full of antics, so boring, so sad.

She is losing her way. Miley cyrus naked masterbating. Masturbation is normal for men, boys, women and girls. An ice cream sundae may be the most luxurious of things to some. Gee, I wonder what she'll do in to shock people and get the media's attention? It's not horrible but…. Gill — Yeah, but Miley clearly isn't well.

Related Stories Taraji P. However, I see no point, why for a song entitled "Adore You", a person needs to be masturbating. Rhona mitra naked pics. What's that, you say? There's a time and place for everything, and broadcasting yourself masturbating whether she really was or wasn't is tacky unless you're a porn star and your audience is expecting it.

Or I hope no cause if yes you have serious problem XD. I am gagging a little bit right now. If you're gonna do something like this - make it truly shocking. There's absolutely no originality at all here whatsoever. Of course I wouldn't want to be her hand. This can't be a surprise to anyone as this skank has no where left to go but to have sex on stage. Fan Damme says — reply to this. I guess she can't call a success after all.

She will probably die from drug overdose. I have always hated the pop culture for this reason. Had lesbian sex. Yeah right, take a hint, that was the worst show I have ever seen. Haha I believe she got the songs adore you and get it right mixed up?!?! Dear Miley, I say this coz I care;If you think that this is what being an artist has become all about, just coz you did it twise and people saw, then you should just go back to being all Hannah Montana if they'll take you back tho coz you're loosing your touch.

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Miley, you little teaser. Maybe the threat she made really worked on them. Sexy nude star wars. Everthing about Madonna was a gimmick and for attention. Popping moley lol trying to get a line in the bathroom?

Germa76 says — reply to this. Congratulations Disney, what a wonderful shitty byproductdefective, you provide us with this Miley! Yea what the hell, a woman touching herself? No matter what you do or wear Miley you will always be a boy to me. G — If it was a great publicity stunt to kill someone live, is what you would tells the same kind of bullshit as reasoning?

Her parents aren't being real parent's no matter how old she is. Miley cyrus naked masterbating. At least when Madonna did it, she did it to break taboo's and to say that a woman has the right to feel sexual without being condemned. Another young adult TV star turned freaky screw up. Octagon girl naked. Please pray for her. Not even Britney nor Rihanna nor Madonna at their height of sexual "peak" did this kind of disgusting obvious display for attention.

California 55 says — reply to this. She will probably die from drug overdose.

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So, a 20 year old girl gets on stage, and blithely puts out to young children who are influenced by her that it is perfectly fine to act indecent in front of millions? I dont think the new Miley its cute tho, she looks trashy now. Giorgio says — reply to this.

In case you somehow missed the revolutionary visualthe year-old quadruple threat took a strong stance against gun violence, as he highlighted how automatic weapons are treated more delicately than human life in the U. Of course, making it into a music video isn't exactly anywhere near classy, but associating female masturbation with inappropriate or unrealistic behavior only fuels the fire of slut-shaming and misogynistic implications. And we are all talking about her this morning. It's clear that porn is in the cards for her trashy ass.

Ashley says — reply to this. Xx cel huge tits. Perez Hilton overdramatizes everything and all these dumbasses follow every little post. WOW says — reply to this. Celebs Who Love To Fart! After all these years people still find this offesive, i read comment like disgusting?? BodyElectric17 says — reply to this.

Do a video at a farm where she messes around with horses and plays with their manure?

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Zaina says — reply to this. She is obviously so hungry for attention and acceptance. Mallu shakeela nude videos. Sad says — reply to this. Miley cyrus naked masterbating. WOW says — reply to this. There is nothing new since Sodom and Gomorrah. You are now a pathetic piece of trash. Sexy girls bikini falls off Does he not have any taste? She is trying to cash in as much as she can on the pedo market before she is way too old to bring back thoughts of Hannah Montanna.

She looks like a monkey with those ears and lips. No shit people she is in the entertainment industry… attention is a BIG part of that. The awards is getting so boring, that they need fresh shock value. Somebody should of told this girl that you do not and I will repeat you do not do these kinds of things in front of a camera unless you are a porn star!!!

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