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Is elena kagan a lesbian

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Maybe this is how it is with her, maybe she is very happy with who she is and doesn't need a male or female in her life to make her content regardless it is her personal choice on her status, single, involved or what have you - I see no reason why it's the publics business on what her state of being is then again am Canadian so maybe that is why I don't understand the American obsession with this stuff in general.

He changed his mind about yanking the column after receiving an e-mail from Domenech, which the blogger also sent to The Washington Post. Milf cougar pictures. Follow me on Twitter. And what if she IS a lesbian? Even California voted against allowing gay marriage. Is elena kagan a lesbian. Keep you sexually repressed comments to yourself. Kagan if she is offended at all by my repetition of a Harvard rumor in a speculative blog post," Domenech said.

For one, she had once been married to her high school sweetheart. The hearings for Kagan ignored her sexual orientation. It was a long, hard fight to get here Submitted by Psyngle on May 15, - We don't come here to read your analysis of potential Supreme Court picks, Citizens United, or other substantive, serious legal issues. We have very competitive athletes who are straight, gay, bisexual. As William Saletan saysanyone who comes out of the closet—as Sullivan himself well knows—is potentially subject to discrimination and abuse.

Notify me when new comments are posted. Videos of women with big tits. Did you know says: From Eleanor Clift at Politics Daily: It is a pity we have not crossed the bridge into a meaningful independence for women. Nevertheless, if Kagan were gay—and if she openly admitted she were gay—it would mean a great deal to many people.

About being single and Submitted by Sheila on May 13, - 2: A challenge to the law, which was brought by a consortium of law schools, went to the Supreme Court. Let's make it official. Elena Kagan Gay Rumor: I've never been a cat person, but what you describe sounds perfect. Many straight people—myself included—agree with Kagan that barring gays who want to serve their country from joining the military is "a moral injustice of the first order.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Even the White House has hit back at rumors that she is gay. I fear this may be happening with regards to singles, unless society starts to change its expectations and perceptions. Given the important homosexual-related issues coming before the Supreme Court, Kagan should say so if she has a personal interest in lesbianism.

How does focusing on a person's private choices help us figure out their professional actions? Chaplain Klingenschmitt is available for TV, radio, news, or blog interviews at cell or chaplaingate yahoo.

Now I don't know what Kagan thinks or feels. A CBS blogger recently posted a story in which he said she was gay, but quickly retracted it after coming under fire from the White House, which denied that Kagan is gay.

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I've never been a cat person, but what you describe sounds perfect. Tim mcgraw naked pics. The sun is out and I've packed a picnic lunch.

Neighbors and friends know the darndest things. During her 15 months as solicitor general, Kagan argued only six cases before the Supreme Court. Why does she have to have a sexuality at all? When Kagan's name was first floated last month, CBS News published a post by Republican blogger Ben Domenech calling her the "first openly gay justice. Is elena kagan a lesbian. It's beginning to sound like Kagan is living in a glass closet, going about campus with her lady lover, but refusing to confirm it on the record.

Retrieved April 9, To which I'd then say "Well, George Clooney disproves that pretty convincingly. So, if she's not expressing opinions, she's probably straight. The stock admonishment would then be "oh, one can never be completely whole without marriage" or something like that. As Bella's illustrated before, all your accomplishments can be reduced to nothing if you're not married or at least trying to get married.

How annoying that the truth never even occurs to people--that he's fine just the way he is. Sierra big tits. I also remember reading that cultural lag can create problems for society, when change is happening and isn't realized.

In OctoberKagan sent an e-mail to students and faculty deploring that military recruiters had shown up on campus in violation of the school's anti-discrimination policy. As an undergraduate, Kagan also served as editorial chair of The Daily Princetonian. That's why this is not merely a personal issue and has nothing to do with her being single per se.

She initially sought to return to the University of Chicago Law School. And get this, I am a parent - not bio but fostering for a private treatment program yet, still have not been brought up to the 'adult level' by my family. Kagan never pretended that her goal was anything but the Supreme Court, and rather than being punished for her youthful, unvarnished drive, it's paying off.

Kagan if she is offended at all by my repetition of a Harvard rumor in a speculative blog post," Domenech said. Her work is cataloged in the Clinton Library. Comstockand Holder v.

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Would Kagan defend statutes that she personally opposed, and 2. To play devil's advocate and to answer the above question, the reason that many people are interested in her personal life is because she could wind up being a judge and will be making decisions that affect millions of people's personal lives. Then again she's been living in Massachusetts for the last several years and gay marriage is legal there. Big tit goth. Now, I do agree that the decision itself should be considered but not because of some twisted way her private choices play in but because it shows how she is making decisions through legal and ethical reasoning.

Andrew Sullivan, who is the ringleader of the "gays into politics," says that she is part of his gay club. By pushing her privacy to the vanishing point, Kagan puts herself at odds with our tell-all 21 st -century culture. It was a long, hard fight to get here Submitted by Psyngle on May 15, -

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Dare to Think Bigger. Since Harriet Miers had never been married, the same rumors circulated when I nominated her for the Supreme Court. The first and most obvious: Perhaps the strongest indicator that the public thinks Kagan's private life matters—and that the public is more prepared to handle the truth than the press or the White House is—comes this morning in Google's " Hot Searches. Your a lesbian. Milf massage sex May 13, at 2: I wish a president would finally get the gumption to nominate an uncloseted gay or lesbian to the Supreme Court.

Ridiculous — the fact that she talked about guys in school is FAR from proof she's straight, I know lesbians who still occasionally date guys in their late 30s when they can't find a good woman for a while! Retrieved 4 April She hasn't found the right guy, because all the guys she's dated have penises.

Kagan is totally lesbian; and 4. Kagan was born on the Upper West Side of Manhattanthe middle of three children. It's beginning to sound like Kagan is living in a glass closet, going about campus with her lady lover, but refusing to confirm it on the record.

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Party lesbian tube Yet our cultural conversations about gay issues are far more lively and at times, even sophisticated than our discussions about singles and singlism. A condo community where you can be enjoying your own peaceful life, but people can turn to each other when life's hard knocks happen. Why does she have to have a sexuality at all?
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FREE FREAKY BLACK LESBIAN PORN I'm happy being single, but under the right circumstances, I could also be happy in a couple, and I do date. All of which begs the question, who cares? Jose Luis Magana - AP.

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