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MK Special Forces 2. I need your help If you ask me, just because it's been going on for a long time in other games and media, doesn't mean Mortal Kombat needs to do it. Andi land nude. Mortal kombat girl characters naked. Her MKDA look was great and although some may hink the thong didn't suit her I thought it was a nice touch as she always has to be the butch girl.

MK females thread Great thread Gods Among Us 2. While I don't agree with your saying, Im glad you mention worked out bodies. She would have a royal coat with gold designs and chinese symbols ensc ripted on it. E Men like boobs while also becoming yet another example of objectification. DA spoke a thousand words. Ashrah's clothes are fine, all but her alternate costume. Hot aunty naked. The white and gold scheme pushed the idea of being "Pure". Give us at least one female who is willing to dress completely in every attire available.

To be honest, I wouldn't really accuse videogames, especially Mortal Kombat for that happening. She's a lot like Kano in that they both change sides in order to survive. I loved the concepts. Thought she would be a great character, ended MK: Those two, I understand. Two different Jade action figures basic and inch models, each with different featured weapons were released by Toy Island in as part of their Mortal Kombat Trilogy line.

It's funny to see what they did with characters like Sonya Blade, who has had pretty modest costumes in the past i. Again, I'm thinking long, modest skirts in light colours -- pale yellows and gold, not all white. But she should definitely wear armor, Though nothing hiding her exquisite figure. I can accept that. Just look what they did to poor Sonya in MK: I cant even explain in words how pleased I was.

Would the message boards not still be filled? She can still be sexy, But should still have an upper-class appeal to it. Fat nude black women pics. In a noncanonical short-story prequel to Mortal Kombat 3sponsored by CD Projekt and published by Polish magazine Secret ServiceJade is defeated after a hard fight with Sub-Zerowho then freezes and shatters her.

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It's distracting and it takes away from the characters and the game as a whole. Naked louisiana women. It's not sex that sells. Not a big deal at all. That's why I said the standard changes from character to character: They can be improved by being seriously toned down.

In Mortal Kombat IIJade described therein as "an undiscovered warrior from Mortal Kombat One " used Kitana's weapons, [26] in particular her "Fan Throw", [27] but was extremely fast and immune to projectile attacks. Mortal kombat girl characters naked. Skirts are getting shorter; jeans are getting tighter. MK females thread I completely agree that Kitana and Sindel should wear more clothes!

So "becoming harmful" is a misnomer. Altho I liked her first outfit, I think her alternate costume is too weird. MK females thread To GraveDigger: Deception following an extended absence from the series. Shemale big tits tube. Jade made her official debut as a playable character in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 ; an upgrade of Mortal Kombat 3in which her backstory was expanded; she served as one of Outworld emperor Shao Kahn 's elite assassins along with his adopted stepdaughter Kitana, [6] but after Kitana flees to Earthrealm after having been put on trial for killing Mileena, Jade is ordered by Kahn to bring Kitana back to him alive, resulting in Jade having to choose between disobeying her superior or betraying her close friend.

James Deaux of Earth MK females thread Mileena- Like people have said, having her reveal so much flesh is part of who she is. DA costumes, but no more revealing than those. It'd be out of character for her to dress decently. Ashrah - She looked mystical in MKD, and i was kinda feeling that, but she kinda made me think "lesbian" in my head with that attire.

Just look what they did to poor Sonya in MK: Jade returned as a playable in Mortal Kombat: I thought her outfits in MK: I'm thinking something along the lines of an open black leather jacket, white t-shirt, and blue jeans.

So what if more men than women play the game? Sindel- I'd like to see Sindel wearing something less dominatrix and more regal, or Queen-like. Maybe the designers were trying maybe a little too hard to make them sexy, but as far as the models go, they just look silly to me.

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Archived from the original on February 3, Though she identifies herself in one of the clues, her energy bar was left blank in the arcade game but was included in the home versions. IMO, both should step aside from that circle and use a more royal outfit. That's why the thunder god is able to stand next to the riot cop who's standing next to the cyborg while still looking normal. Mortal Kombat, the dragon logo and all character names are trademarks and copyright of Warner Bros.

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